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"Da Sauce"

A savory marinade that will make you say goodbye to takeout and hello to simple cooking again. This marinade is filled with love and joy and will make you dance in your pants. Shake Well.

Asiayaki Sauce

One of the best Teriyaki sauces you will ever try. Come and try some. I promise you will be hooked on like phonics 😂

Asiayaki WIngs

Teriyaki Wings (Made with a homemade Sauce) Served with Side of Choice and Sweet Plantains)

Awesome Sauce

A sweet and savory mixture. Something you are going to want to put on anything and everything. Goodbye Ketchup, Hello Awesome Sauce


Something to Quench the Thirst

Curry Chicken

Curry Chicken w/ Carrots & Potatoes [Served over Jasmine Rice and a choice of any Second Side and Sweet Plantains]

Love in a Bite

A decadent brownie with a layer of fudge on top. Literally it will melt in your mouth.

Love Surrounded by Fudge

A decadent cookie brownie topped with a milk chocolate she'll. Gives you a little crunch in your munch. It's so good even if you wanted to share you won't!

Mama’s Love

You will get a warm sweet hug filled with Raisins, brown sugar, and a choice of Pecans. Tastes so good you are going to wish you can indulge in more. Comes in Different varieties of you don’t want Pec...

Mini Cheesecake

The perfect amount to compliment a great meal!